In a competitive business environment, the success of an organization depend on how well the broader strategic direction of the organization is converted in to practical actionable business plans. The conversion of the strategic direction into a business plan is a challenging task as it is intertwined with the budgeting process of an organization.

In certain cases, business plans should be equipped with the correction operation strategies focusing on periods less than 24 months while being inline with the broader strategic direction. Some cases, the strategic direction is lucidly spelt out in the form of a vision and not in the form of a detail strategic plan.

In such instances, the development of business plans is even more challenging as it requires a detail appreciation of a strategic plan certain extend.

While a good business plan is no substitute for a good strategic plan, it will certainly compensate at least in the short run for a strategic plan.  

Virtual System

Development of a comprehensive strategic plan that will provide direction for an organization for a period ranging from 3 to 5 years. This will encompass,

  • A clean slate analysis of the current business model in the context future changes in the business environment.
  • A clear indication of what needs to be done in order to achieve business success given the above analysis.
  • Business and operational strategies in the context of the strategic direction and day to day operational challenges.
  • Implementation plan.
  • Guidance on performance appraisal.
  • Development practice of CSF and KPI.

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