The primary aim of the Virtual Business School is to provide solid academic assistance for students to face CIMA examinations confidently. VIRTUAL is exclusively geared for this purpose. Success at the CIMA examinations is synonymous with Virtual because of the numerous credentials under our belt. Incorporated in January 2005, Virtual  was able to come to the forefront of CIMA education in Sri Lanka within a very short period.

The aim of Virtual is to provide an all-round CIMA education. In other words, when you come out of Virtual, you will not only be a qualified Management Accountant, but also a richer, more engaging and altogether better human being. This is where the Virtual Student Council comes into play. The Student Council promotes social, intellectual, cultural and recreational activities to offer students the much sought-after social edge. The activities promoted by the Student Council include:

  • Sports : Track & field, Swimming, Netball, Rugger, Cricket and Basketball
  • Dances, trips and other social functions
  • Debates and quiz programs
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Virtual stays focused on CIMA examinations which is evident in the pass rates. In many subjects, Virtual pass rates have exceeded Sri Lankan, World and UK averages. The number one priority of students is to get through the examination, and Virtual has been providing the medium for the same. Students have been consistently achieving very high results and World prizes.

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